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India’s NCON ‘steams’ into one of Africa’s largest markets

ETK Group UK Limited (“ETK”) and NCON Turbo Tech Pvt. Ltd. (“NCON”) one of India’s leading manufacturers of steam turbines, are pleased to announce a new partnership that will see NCON enter Nigeria, Africa’s largest market to deliver its leading steam turbine technology. With more than 3 decades of expertise and track-record in delivering turbine technology to more than a dozen industries, NCON is set to help improve efficiency in key industries in Nigeria, and the sub-region, including Industrial scale Power Plants, Paper Mills, Distilleries and Breweries, Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas, Textiles and Printing. Delivering such cutting edge technology in Africa requires a deep understanding of local markets, and an extensive network.

“Back pressure steam turbines are the most efficient power generating systems in the world. We are very excited about bringing our patented technology to the industries of Nigeria. NCON’s turbines will cut their electricity cost by well over 80%; boosting their bottom-line, reducing their dependency on the grid and other inefficient, polluting sources” said Sankalp Pisipati, CEO of NCON.

ETK, the UK’s leading Africa market-entry consultants, together with its Nigeria subsidiary, ETK Nigeria, is pleased to have forged this dynamic partnership that will help transform the power sector and contribute to efficiency gains in the manufacturing sector. Today in Nigeria, local businesses spend up to 40% of their monthly overheads on power, while servicing and maintenance challenges plague many power plants across the country. NCON’s patented low-cost, single-stage and multi-stage steam turbine technologies are amongst the best in class globally, and will be complemented by an extensive collection of spare parts, with ancillary services, including retrofitting and refurbishing, billed to create end-to-end customer experiences.

“As Africa seeks practical solutions to close infrastructure gaps in order to boost economies, it is a pleasure to work with NCON to introduce this much needed, cost-saving solution to businesses on the continent”, said Bolaji Sofoluwe, Group Managing Director of ETK.

Both NCON and ETK featured at the this year’s Intra Commonwealth SME Trade Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, where discussions were held on how Commonwealth countries had huge untapped investment potential, and how they could share solutions for economic growth.

NCON’s proprietary technology is ideally suited for the West Africa markets, as it caters to industries where steam demand fluctuations are high, processes require steam at constant pressure, and where workers are skilled and unskilled. The partnership with ETK will help in the forging of the required local alliances necessary to ensure NCON’s success in navigating the local landscape, and building a sustainable and transformative business model in Nigeria and West Africa.

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