ETK Group

We provide leading-edge, industry-focused services for both public and private clients.

How We Work

Our experienced team, combined with our global network, allows us to provide the advice, confidence and support you need - wherever you need it, whatever the size of your company.

Establishing a great relationship with our clients is crucial to the work we do. We want to understand your business priorities, answer your questions about market entry or expansion, and operate as genuine, professional partners ensuring you achieve the growth you want.

Mark Rutherford

Redline Assured Security Ltd

“When things have not gone to plan you’ve worked hard to create a calm, clear path and without your knowledge we would have struggled - for that I’m truly appreciative… thank you for holding up your end of the deal and long may this continue.”

Our proven three stage approach ensures we deliver high value to every client.


We take time to understand your business. We can do this via a Skype appointment or a visit to your office.

Finding about what matters to you and what challenges you face helps us identify the help you need and formulate a specific strategy for your business.


Once we start working with you we commit to carrying out all the activities we have agreed with professionalism and focus.

We will tell you when we are working on your project, keep you informed about our progress, and schedule catch up calls or visits to ensure we deliver on time and to specification.


As we work together we will monitor our progress against the plan. We will tell you as soon as we have completed each vital stage. We will also let you know if we are experiencing delays or bottlenecks and propose solutions to move the project along. At the end of the project we will review our achievements with you – and probably help you celebrate your success!

Our Services


We carry out comprehensive market research and detailed project planning on your behalf


We find the right partner and take you into the market with confidence. Whatever your strategy, we can provide quick, easy and cost-effective solutions. We ensure the highest level of transparency and compliance


We provide in-depth briefings on the countries and markets you want to enter giving you the information you need to be confident in your investment decisions

Additional Support

We work with a network of partners that can provide legal and financial (tax and accounting, investment) as well as real estate advice

“From Nairobi to Lagos, Cairo to Cape Town, our skilled consultants would ensure that your business is given the best chance of success in your chosen market.”

- Kevin Korgba. Managing Director Enterprise, Training & Knowledge Group


Our Skills & Expertise

With a combined industry experience of over 30 years, our directors and consultants understand the various markets, market sectors and cultures. Through our experience and extensive network both within and outside of Africa, we excel in the ‘last mile’ space which is all about successful project execution.