Shining the Spotlight on Trade and Investment Opportunities Africa

  • 11th March, 2024
  • < 1 min reading

ETK Group was featured in the Spring 2024 edition of Horizon Magazine UK, shining a spotlight on our Director of Growth and Strategy, Terser Adamu.

In this feature of Horizon – Spring ’24 Edition – Africa Culture Class Article, Terser shares insights on some of the fantastic trade and investment opportunities that the African market offers!

This edition of the magazine consists of 84 pages of specialist advice and guidance. Horizon Magazine UK aims to equip you with the tools to take your international trade to new heights.

Key themes explored in the article include:

👉 Overlooked Potential: Africa’s thriving market has been misunderstood for too long.

👉 Changing Perception: More are recognising Africa as a lucrative business and investment hub.

👉 Diversity as Opportunity: Africa’s cultural diversity offers fertile ground for innovative ventures.

👉 Relationship Building: Emphasising the importance of building lasting connections in African markets.

👉Flexibility in Approach: Adapting strategies to navigate the nuances of African business culture.

It’s truly an honour for us to contribute to this edition of the magazine and to showcase the work that we’re doing at ETK Group to facilitate trade and investment in Africa.

Many thanks to the team at Horizon Magazine UK for consistently producing such useful and informative content in every edition