How long does it take to successfully enter another market?

It depends on your short and long term goals and objectives. It can take anything from weeks to years. The laws of demand and supply also play a crucial role.

What kind of support can I get from the government?

There are always a number of schemes available for export support. Please contact us for more information.

How can I trust ETK’s recommendations?

ETK has developed a rigorous, ethical and culturally sensitive approach to finding the right partners, suppliers and team for your business. We can tell you more about our selection processes in different sectors when you contact us.

How many markets do you actually cover?

We have teams in five African countries who are capable of covering their regions. For more information on our coverage, see Into Africa and Out of Africa.

Can ETK provide me with any service guarantees?

We are able to provide guarantees on our service delivery. It is important to note that there are several phases to market entry and commitment from your company is 100% crucial.

Why can’t I just hire an Export Manager instead of working with ETK?

It is very rare to find a Manager who understands the African markets we work in to the extent that our local teams can offer. African markets are also quite dynamic so it is important to work with someone who understands the shifting landscape.

Will socio-political and economic instability affect my business prospects in my chosen country in Africa?

Business in Africa as it is with the rest of the world can be challenging and you will have to be committed to your strategic plan which we would work with you to develop. This of course, will include a risk management strategy.

How does the Order Verification service actually work?

We ensure that all aspects of the order you have received pass the ETK Order Test which is unique mechanism we have developed to ensure you don’t lose time and money.

How much do ETK’s services cost?

There is a standard cost for our workshops which can be delivered at your office or at ETK’s offices in Colchester or via Skype but billing based on the outcome of the workshop may vary from project to project.

If I have already started the market entry process, can I still bring ETK in mid-project?

Of course, we will work with you develop a way forward based on your past activities and desired outcomes.