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  • 21st September, 2023
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As we find ourselves well past the halfway mark to the year 2030, it’s important to note that many African countries are grappling with the challenge of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

According to a recent report by UNIDO, which you can find here https://tinyurl.com/urv2pcye , Africa is trailing behind in terms of progress and performance when it comes to the SDG 9 Index, a critical measure of our progress towards achieving the UN’s 2030 development agenda.

When we compare Africa to the global average, it’s evident that Africa is falling short across crucial indicators, with a few exceptions in Northern African countries like Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt. The Southern African region, unfortunately, shows the most significant regression across most indicators, as highlighted in the report.

However, amidst the apparent sluggishness in Africa’s progress on the SDG 9 index, there are noteworthy achievements. Africa has outperformed in terms of manufacturing employment and medium-high and High-Technology, MHT industries. In various subregions, Africa has seen an increase in the share of manufacturing in employment compared to previous years. Additionally, the continent has recorded remarkable growth in MHT industries.

It’s essential to acknowledge that Africa, like many other regions, faces a cascade of global and regional crises that pose significant challenges to achieving the 2030 agenda. Despite these challenges, there are still opportunities to accelerate action and bridge the SDG gaps in Africa.

Urgent action is needed from both African nations and their global partners to accelerate reforms and implementation if we are to realise the 2030 development agenda. Africa’s sustainable development priorities must take centre stage.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres emphasised, “Given where we are in meeting the SDGs globally, actions that are optimised to generate multiple benefits and deliver against multiple SDGs will be essential to getting the job done”. He called on world leaders to remain “determined to realise the Sustainable Development Goals and effectively leave no one behind”.

The stagnation of progress in Africa towards the 2030 agenda demands the attention of all stakeholders. Given the prevalence of low-income economies and the insufficient progress made thus far, advancing development in Africa requires focused efforts and targeted strategies. This includes the urgent need for recapitalization and the reallocation of $100 billion in unused special drawing rights, along with reforms in the global financial architecture, as emphasized by Mr. Guterres.

With the 78th United Nations General Assembly in full swing, we have high hopes that the UNGA’s SDG Summit will deliver strategic actions to translate aspirations into tangible progress, not only for Africa but for the entire world.

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Photo by bennett tobias and Doug Linstedt on Unsplash